Still Alice 2014

Alice Howland, happily married with three grown children, is a renowned linguistics professor who starts to forget words. When she receives a devastating diagnosis, Alice and her family find their bonds tested.

Still 2018

When a young hiker stumbles onto an isolated farm after losing her way on the Appalachian Trail, she is taken in by a strange yet beautiful couple desperate to protect a secret deep in the mountains.

Still River 2019

A Greek couple, Anna (Katia Goulioni) and Petros (Andreas Konstantinou), have recently moved to a small industrial town in Siberia. It’s a long process to adapt, especially for Anna, since Petros is quite occupied with his job. That will cause a conflict between them and inevitably the couple is distanced. Everything is escalated as for the past period there is no sexual intercourse between them. This slow-paced decay is intensified when an unexpected event occurs, changing everything between them. Balancing between trust and disbelief the haunting suspense evolves.

I Still See You 2018

A spellbinding and romantic supernatural thriller. Ten years after an apocalyptic event left the world haunted by ghosts, Roni receives a threatening message from beyond the grave. Joining forces with a mysterious classmate, Kirk, Roni descends into a shadow world that blurs the bounds of the living and the dead-and begins a desperate race against time to stop a cunning killer.

Deadly Still 2018

A group of friends decide to spend a weekend together at a country house, but an unexpected accident forces them to stop at a strange and remote estate. In this abandoned and eerie place, a rare antique camera is discovered. Slowly the camera draws them into a mystical and tragic chain of events that none of them could have seen coming. Anyone who has their picture taken by the camera sees a photo revealing their death. Many of them lose their lives in excruciating ways, as they race to solve the mystery of the camera.

Still Waiting... 2009

After Shenaniganz loses all its hottest waitresses to new competitor Ta-Ta's Wing Shack -- where the scantily clad wait staff earns bigger tips -- the Shenaniganz staff aims to give Ta-Ta's its just desserts.

I'm Still Here 2010

I'm Still Here is a portrayal of a tumultuous year in the life of actor Joaquin Phoenix. With remarkable access, the film follows the Oscar-nominee as he announces his retirement from a successful film career in the fall of 2008 and sets off to reinvent himself as a hip-hop musician. The film is a portrait of an artist at a crossroads and explores notions of courage and creative reinvention, as well as the ramifications of a life spent in the public eye.

Still/Born 2018

Still/Born follows Mary, a new mother who lost one of her twins in childbirth. As she struggles with the loss of one of her children, she starts to suspect something sinister is after her surviving child - a supernatural entity that has chosen her child and will stop at nothing to take it from her.

Still Life 2013

A council case worker looks for the relatives of those found dead and alone.

Still Smokin 1983

Cheech & Chong are invited to a celebrity party in Amsterdam. When they get there, however, it turns out that the guy who invited them has taken off with all the money. They are actually expecting Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton, so our heroes get to be Mr. Burt and Mr. Dolly.

Standing Still 2005

A chain reaction of confrontations and romantic encounters occurs when college friends reunite for one's wedding.

We Are Still Here 2015

After the death of their college age son, Anne and Paul Sacchetti relocate to the snowswept New England hamlet of Aylesbury, a sleepy village where all is most certainly not as it seems. When strange sounds and eerie feelings convince Anne that her son's spirit is still with them, they invite an eccentric, New Age couple to help them get to the bottom of the mystery.

The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008

A representative of an alien race that went through drastic evolution to survive its own climate change, Klaatu comes to Earth to assess whether humanity can prevent the environmental damage they have inflicted on their own planet. When barred from speaking to the United Nations, he decides humankind shall be exterminated so the planet can survive.

Still 2017

A woman is plagued by a masked, statuesque figure that never moves.

Still Crazy 1998

In the seventies Strange Fruit were it. They lived the rock lifestyle to the max, groupies, drugs, internal tension and an ex front man dead from an overdose. Even their demise was glamorous; when lightning struck the stage during an outdoor festival. 20 years on and these former rock gods they have now sunk deep into obscurity when the idea of a reunion tour is lodged in the head of Tony, former keyboard player of the Fruits. Tony sets out to find his former bandmates with the help of former manager Karen to see if they can recapture the magic and give themselves a second chance.

Still Mine 2012

An elderly couple fight against local authorities in rural New Brunswick to build their final home.

What Still Remains 2018

After the loss of her family, a young woman struggles to survive in a world long-since destroyed by disease; but when a lonely traveler offers her a place in his community, she must decide if the promise of a better life is worth the risk of trusting him.

Liberty Stands Still 2002

As the heir and current marketing director for one of the nation's biggest gun manufacturers, Liberty Wallace is indifferent to the atrocities made possible through her business and her CEO husband, Victor. On her way to see her actor lover, Liberty ends up chained to a food cart full of explosives -- all at the insistence of "Joe", a sniper whose young daughter was a victim of gun violence, and who now has Liberty in his sights.

Still 2015

Tom Carver is a man stumbling blindly towards a crossroad in his life, thrown out of focus by the death of his teenage son a year earlier. He becomes involved in a feud with a teenage gang after a seemingly harmless collision with a young kid. As the feud becomes more horrifying, Carver's world starts to unravel forcing him to make decisions that will change his life forever.

Still Game 2002

Cult Scottish comedy about the lives of two OAP's (Old Age Pensioners) Jack and Victor and their views on how it used to be in the old days and how bad it is now in the fictional town of Craiglang.

Still Standing 2002

After 18 years of marriage, high school sweethearts Bill and Judy Miller still make each other laugh and try to keep their marriage intact, even when their family pulls them in different directions. Since Bill has a far more immature approach to marriage and raising their three children than Judy does, they work at striking a balance and remembering why they love each other, quirks and all.

Still Star-Crossed 2017

A period drama that picks up where the famous story of Romeo and Juliet leaves off, charting the treachery, palace intrigue, and ill-fated romances of the Montagues and Capulets in the wake of the young lovers' tragic fate.

Still Alive 2016

Amazing survival stories from those who stood at the threshold between life and death, and also happened to capture that moment on camera.

Still, Marry Me 2010

When three women put their careers above their personal relationships in their quest to succeed, would they change anything about their lives now that they’re in their 30s? Lee Shin Young is a reporter for the UBN broadcasting company. Jung Da Jung works as a Korean-English translator. Kim Boo Ki works as a popular restaurant consultant. The women are all 36 years old and good friends. When one gets married and discovers married life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, another develops a condition that sidelines her career, and the other suddenly finds a baby at her doorstep, they help each other deal with the challenges facing modern career women.

Still Open All Hours 2014

Still Open All Hours is a sitcom set in a grocer's shop. It is a sequel to the series Open All Hours, written by original series writer Roy Clarke and featuring several of the permanent cast members of the original series

Still Loving You 2016

The tale of former teacher and student, Oh Eun Soo and Kim Bit Na, who meet again years later after they married brothers, Yoon Soo Ho and Yoon Soo Hyun. They even become stepsisters after remarriage of their parents.

Still 17 2018

Gong Woo-Jin is a 30-year-old single man and he works as a set designer. Due to a trauma he experienced 13 years ago, he does not want to have a relationship with others. When Woo Seo-Ri was 17, she fell into a coma. 13 years later, she wakes up from her coma. Her mental age is still that of a 17-year-old, but she is now 30-years-old. Gong Woo-Jin and Woo Seo-Ri get involved with each other and fall in love.

Still Standing 2015

Comedian Jonny Harris explores small towns on the ropes, performs stand-up shows for the locals who’ve stuck it out, and proves that Canadians know how to laugh at themselves.

Still the King 2016

Vernon Brownmule, aka "Burnin' Vernon," is a scandal-ridden, washed-up, one-hit-wonder who was kicked out of country music, only to emerge 20 years later as the second best Elvis impersonator around. After crashing into an old country church sign during a drunken bender, he is arrested and sentenced to return and serve as the church's handyman as part of his parole. Along the way, he pretends to be the congregation's new minister and reconnects with a former one-night-stand, when he learns he has a 15-year-old daughter he's never met.

City Still Believe in Love 2016

It revolves around the relationship between a newbie and her highly temperamental boss that is a source of many misunderstandings and an eventual romance.

Monica: Still Standing 2009

Monica: Still Standing is an American reality series following R&B singer Monica. The series aired on BET October 27, 2009 after the 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Who's Still Standing? 2011

Who's Still Standing? was the American adaptation of the Israeli game show Lauf al Hamiliyon, which offers contestants the opportunity to win up to US$1 million while competing in head-to-head trivia battles. Ben Bailey, host of the game show Cash Cab, hosted the show which originally ran on NBC from December 19, 2011 to January 30, 2012. On May 13, 2012, it was announced that the show will not be renewed for a second season due to high production costs, despite having acceptable ratings.

Sesame Street: 20 Years ... and Still Counting!

Sesame Street… 20 Years & Still Counting is a special aired on Friday April 7, 1989 on NBC. It was made to celebrate the 20th season of the popular children's show, Sesame Street. This special, unlike most Sesame Street specials, was not made by Children's Television Workshop but by Jim Henson Productions and was meant to air as part of The Jim Henson Hour, but ended up airing as a solo special the week before the premiere episode aired. In the special, comedian Bill Cosby tells us about the history of the show while interacting with various Muppet characters. Among the subjects featured are the curriculum, the show's adult humor and even the foreign co-productions. There are also guest appearances; opera singer Plácido Domingo sings with Placido Flamingo, and Ray Charles sings "It's Not Easy Bein' Green". Meanwhile, Ernie and Bert are taping the street with their video camera so they can watch Sesame Street on television. Every now and then, we cut to Kermit the Frog in his Muppet News attire asking people how to get to Sesame Street, occasionally running into people who were on the show when they were kids. The show ends with the characters all singing "Sing". The program was dedicated to the memory of Joe Raposo.

Xscape: Still Kickin' It 2017

Xscape: Still Kickin' It will follow the four original members of the multi-platinum hit '90s girl group, as they make their triumphant return to the stage after nearly 20 years apart. Since the breakup, Kandi has become a sought after Grammy-winning songwriter and successful entrepreneur, but is she ready to share the spotlight again? Putting her music on hold to make family her number one priority, Tiny is keen on relaunching herself in the industry, but just as her music career is on the rise her marriage is tested. LaTocha is all about focusing on the group and pushing them to the next level of super stardom, meanwhile, Tamika who continued in the industry over the years is looking to get back to her roots with where her music career all started. With two sold out shows in Detroit, performances at the BET Awards and Essence Festival, will the group be able to reconcile and look past bubbled up resentments and give their fans the comeback they've been eagerly anticipating?

Palestine Is Still the Issue

Palestine Is Still the Issue is a 2002 Carlton Television documentary, written and presented by John Pilger, and directed by Tony Stark, inspired by the book Drinking The Sea at Gaza by Amira Haas. Pilger visits the Middle East and tries to discover why peace is elusive.

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