Abandon 2002

A psychological thriller about a senior at one of America's most prestigious universities. Under enormous pressure to complete her thesis and earn a top job at one of the world's most competitive consulting firms, Katie is still coping with the sudden unexplained disappearance of her first love two years prior. As the investigation continues, Katie is forced to choose between past passions and new possibilities, even as new facts are uncovered.

The Abandoned 2006

A film producer who was adopted as a baby and sent to America, returns to her native Russia and the family farm. Once there, strange things begin to happen including the disappearance of her guide, the manifestation of ghosts (including her own!) and the appearance of another man who has been drawn to the farm for the same reasons.

Abandoned 2010

Mary Walsh delivers boyfriend Kevin to a hospital for routine outpatient surgery. But when Mary returns to take him home, he's mysteriously vanished.

The Abandoned 2015

A troubled young woman who, in a last-ditch effort at getting her life together, takes a job working nights as a security guard at an abandoned luxury apartment building. Stuck with a brusque rent-a-cop as her partner, she tries to not let her mind play tricks on her while she patrols the empty halls. But as the night progresses strange things begin to happen - and she realizes it may not all be in her head.

Seduced and Abandoned 2013

SEDUCED AND ABANDONED combines acting legend Alec Baldwin with director James Toback as they lead us on a troublesome and often hilarious journey of raising financing for their next feature film. Moving from director to financier to star actor, the two players provide us with a unique look behind the curtain at the world's biggest and most glamourous film festival, shining a light on the bitter-sweet relationship filmmakers have with Cannes and the film business. Featuring insights from directors Martin Scorsese, 'Bernando Bertolucci' and Roman Polanski; actors Ryan Gosling and Jessica Chastain and a host of film distribution luminaries.

AB- 2013

Following a gruesome accident, a man finds himself injured and stuck on a remote road in the dead of winter. Help is on the way, but who will get there first.

Abandoned Dead 2015

A security guard, trapped in a run-down inner-city medical clinic, is terrorized by supernatural forces which threaten to overtake her.

Abandoned 1949

Gale Storm plays Paula Consodine, who comes to Los Angeles in search of her missing sister. Newspaperman Mark Sitko (Dennis O'Keefe), investigating on Paula's behalf, discovers that the sister is dead, a supposed suicide. The whole thing seems a bit fishy to Sitko, and indeed it is: the girl's death was engineered by a black-market adoption racket, headed by one DeCola (Will Kuluva).

AB 1977

The film follows a pregnant woman on the path to her decision to have an abortion, from the talks with her mother and doctor, to the medical care after the abortion.

Abandon Ship 1957

Ship's officer finds himself in command of a lifeboat full of survivors of a sunken luxury liner.

P90X: Ab Ripper X 2004

Sculpt the six-pack abs of your dreams and benefit your health and physical performance.

Abandoned Souls 2010

In an underground prison an inmate escapes during a riot. One year later, a group of friends set out to locate an old hermit shack. They're worst nightmares are revealed when they spawn an evil darkness within the escaped prisoner.

AB 2013

Arita and Balencha, two young girls and close friends are like sisters to each other. Most of their friends have moved to Buenos Aires, but even if your boyfriend is trying to tug you along, it takes courage (and money in your pocket) to say farewell to each other and the place you have grown up in. But time passes and change happens, no matter if you want it or not - and maybe even Arita and Belencha will one day grow apart. But until then their days are spent talking, dreaming and finding a new home for a cardboard box full of puppies among friends and neighbours.

Ab ... Bas! 2004

Career woman Somiya (Diana Hayden) meets her dream man in Karan (Shawar Ali). They soon wed, and for years all is blissful … till Somiya learns of her spouse's affair. Crushed, she confronts him -- but regrets it after Karan gets physical. Unable to endure his abuse and adultery, Somiya escapes with their daughter. When the irate Karan hunts them down and threatens to kill them, can Somiya summon her mettle and teach him a lesson he won't forget?

Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo 2004

Major General Amarjeet Singh (Amitabh Bachchan) is a dedicated officer for the Indian army. His son Lieutenant Commander Vikramjeet Singh (Bobby Deol) follows in his footsteps and joins the army. Amarjeet is extremely proud of Vikramjeet but tragedy strikes when Vikramjeet is killed in action. Many years pass, Vikramjeet's son Captain Kunal Singh (Bobby Deol) joins the army but has no intentions of remaining there. He instead plans to leave, settle abroad and earn lots of money. Amarjeet is disappointed with Kunal as he hopes his grandson would do something to honour his deceased father. Kunal comes across a desert party and sees Shweta Bhansali (Divya Khosla). It is love at first sight for him but she totally ignores him and does everything to avoid him. However she is doing this for a reason- she was once married. Shweta fell in love and married Major Rajeev Singh (Akshay Kumar), unfortunately he was deployed for action on his wedding day and he had to leave his newly wed bride.

When Grandpa Loved Rita Hayworth 2001

1969, the first winter after the violent end of the Spring of Prague: 13-year-old Hannah and her crazy young parents land as though on a completely different planet in the German economic wonderland.

Abandoned Engineering 2017

As the saying goes – they probably seemed like good ideas at the time. The world is peppered with examples of incredible engineering projects and buildings designed to make life easier for those that used them, amaze those that came to see them, and make money for those that ordered, designed and built them. They were the stuff of dreams. Often enormous engineering problems had to be resolved, obstacles overcome and new innovations employed just to get them built in the first place. Alas, a great number of these remarkable structures have now been abandoned, cast aside like enormous expensive out-of-date toys, never to be used in the ways for which they were intended. Each and every one of these extraordinary places is home to a wealth of powerful and compelling stories. We'll see and hear about some of the most spectacular examples of abandoned engineering the world has eve...

Abandoned 2016

Skateboarder Rick McCrank explores abandoned places with the people who love them long after the lights have gone out.

Secret Love Online 2015

Awatsaya (Anne) is a fierce boss who secretly falls in love with her new young subordinate, Pranont (Mark). Because she needs to maintain her image as a professional and boss she conceals this secret. In order to get to know him better and court him, she uses an online chat program, MSN, using the alias ‘Khun Ab Ruk (Secret Love).' Their relationship starts to bloom, but is cut short when Awatsaya carelessly reveals her secret to the handsome and cunning Managing Director of the company Lipda (Peter). When Lipda learns of this secret, he tries to help Awatsaya move forward with Pranont. However, he ends up making everything even more troublesome when he secretly falls in love with Awatsaya. The love triangle between Awatsaya, Pranont, and Lipda is unable to end easily when another obstacle like Prip-Praao (Kim) comes into the picture and pretends to be ‘Khun Ab Ruk.'

AB Svensk Rock - TomTrick

The Swedish rock band TomTrick were active 1979-1983. This live show is from the tv-show AB Svensk Rock, recorded live at Rock Palais, Stockholm. At that time, CBS had just released TomTrick's debut album "Nya äventyr i tid å rum". The tv-show "Dallas" premiered on Swedish television the very same night, on the competing channel TV2.

Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega

Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega is a reality TV show based on the Guinness Book of World Records. The show, which was hosted by Preity Zinta and Shabbir Ahluwalia, premiered on 18 March 2011 to an audience measurement of 3.3 rating points. Each episode presents different individuals trying to break official world records.

Kashi – Ab Na Rahe Tera Kagaz Kora

Kashi – Ab Na Rahe Tera Kagaz Kora was an Hindi television series which was broadcast on Imagine TV. The show reflected the story of six-year-old Kashi who was born in a lower-caste family and her journey to fulfill her dreams. The show also reflected the situation of rural India especially Bihar where lower castes were being exploited by the so-called upper castes.

A.B. Normal College

Andres (Andrew E.), Dominic (Ogie Alcasid) and Miguel (Mikey Arroyo), the school's most notorious students, are challenged when the school participates in a quiz show to upgrade or elevate the image of the school.

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts 2019

The democratic nation of Patria was created on the continent of Patria. Because of economical disputes, the country split north and south, creating the Northern Union of Patria and the Southern Confederation of Patria and they waged a long civil war. With their numbers dwindling, the North decides to use forbidden technology in order to defeat the South. This technology turns humans into monster-like soldiers, giving them almost godlike powers. And with those powers, the long war came to an end and peace was restored.

The Godfather 2017

The series revolves around a large family dominated by Father Zain Al Attar, who embodies the course of the artist Mahmoud Hamida, and has a large number of children who live with him in the house except two, one of them lives in a shelter and the other an aggressive person, and recounts the relationship of this father with gangs of arms and smugglers.

Absolutely Fabulous 1992

Set in the world of fashion and PR, immature fun-loving mother Edina Monsoon and her best friend Patsy drive Eddie's sensible daughter, Saffron, up the wall with their constant drug abuse and outrageous selfishness. Numerous in-jokes and heavy doses of cruel humour have made this series a cult hit in the UK and abroad.


The “Abyss” is the last unexplored region, an enormous and treacherous cave system filled with ancient relics and strange creatures. Only the bravest of adventurers can traverse its depths, earning them the nickname, “Cave Raiders.” Within the depths of the Abyss, a girl named Riko stumbles upon a robot who looks like a young boy. Tantalized by the Abyss, Riko and her new friend descend into uncharted territory to unlock its mysteries, but what lies in wait for them in the darkness?

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