Forget Me Not 2009

It's graduation weekend, and Sandy Channing, the popular class president of her small-town high school, should be enjoying the time of her life. But when her friends start disappearing, Sandy discovers they have unwittingly awakened the vengeful spirit of a girl they wronged long ago. Fighting for her sanity, Sandy must unlock a dark secret from her own past before it's too late.

Forget Paris 1995

Mickey Gordon is a basketball referee who travels to France to bury his father. Ellen Andrews is an American living in Paris who works for the airline he flies on. They meet and fall in love, but their relationship goes through many difficult patches. The story is told in flashback by their friends at a restaurant waiting for them to arrive.

Forgive and Forget 2000

David O'Neil, a plasterer and mature student Theo have been best mates for fourteen years and are practically inseparable. However, their friendship has become strained as Theo is about to move in with his long-term girlfriend, photographer Hannah. A raging jealousy awakes in David and he starts scheming to break up the loving couple using Hannah's insecurities against them. When the couple eventually separate David is in a quandary about his next move and is forced to confront his long-hidden homosexuality and feelings towards Theo. Eventually, David decides to reveal his sexual orientation and deep love for Theo very publicly by arranging for them both to appear as guests on Judith Adams' talk-show, "forgive and forget", with tragic consequences for their friendship and David's family.

Forget and Forgive 2014

After being left for dead, Anna Walker awakes in the hospital to find she has full blown amnesia.

They Won't Forget 1937

A southern town is rocked by scandal when teenager Mary Clay is murdered on Confederate Decoration Day. Andrew Griffin, a small-time lawyer with political ambitions, sees the crime as his ticket to the Senate if he can find the right victim to finger for the crime. He sets out to convict Robert Hale, a transplanted northerner who was Mary's teacher at the business school where she was killed. Despite the fact that all the evidence against Hale is circumstantial, Griffin works with a ruthless reporter to create a media frenzy of prejudice and hate against the teacher.

Forget Me Not 2011

The film follows Will Fletcher, a musician, and Eve Fisher, who works in a pub where he is performing, during one night in London. After Will has saved Eve from a drunken customer at closing time, they stay up all night together, meandering through the streets of London and forging a relationship. Next morning, Eve takes him to see her Alzheimer's-suffering grandmother. The film is often compared to Richard Linklater's films "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset", as the style is very similar.

Erase and Forget 2017

'Bo' Gritz is one of America's highest decorated Vietnam veterans and the real life inspiration behind Rambo. He also killed 400 people, turned against Washington and moved to the Nevada desert where he now sleeps with many weapons. Filmed over ten years using impressive visual material, Zimmerman's portrait of Bo embodies contemporary American society in all its dizzying complexity and contradictions.

Don't You Forget About Me 2010

Throughout the ’80s John Hughes defined the teen movie genre and spoke not only to that generation’s teens, but every generation that has followed. Then in 1991 he hung up his director’s hat and disappeared into obscurity ala J.D Salinger. In 2008, a group of young Canadian filmmakers set out to complete a documentary about the man with what they hoped would culminate with an interview, which would be his first since 1999.

Forget You 2019

The Directorial Debut of Naomi Scott (Charlies Angels, Aladdin) and Husband Jordan Spence brings a quirky creative Music Film with striking visuals. This story explores the way in which 'forgetting' is not an easy task.

Hard to Forget 1998

Private Dick Max Warner investigates the disappearance of a young heiress Sandra Applewhite. He is convinced that she was murdered by her fiancé - but without her body, he can not prove anything. So he sees a poster with a model who is an identical copy of Sandra. One by one the pieces are falling into place and Max realizes that much more than a legacy is at stake.

Forget About It 2006

Welcome to Sunrise Village, a little piece of trailer park heaven where retired war vets Sam (Burt Reynolds), Carl and Eddie are enjoying their golden Years while vying for the affection of their sexy neighbor (Raquel Welch). When they stumble upon a stash of mob money, they find themselves on the run from the Mafia and the Feds in this hilarious farce about the myth that age brings wisdom.

Never Forget 2018

Two girls are being locked up on a balcony on a hot day, while a group of boys is waiting for them at a fair. When their messages become more and more searing, the balcony changes into a save space that the girls

I'll Never Forget What's'isname 1967

Advertising golden boy Andrew Quint is fed up with his fabulously successful life. In very dramatic fashion, he quits his job to return to writing for a small literary magazine. He wants to leave his former life behind, going as far as saying good-bye to his wife and mistresses. He finds, however, that it's not so easy to escape the past.

Forget Me Never 1999

Diane McGowin was employed as an administrative assistant for a group of attorneys in private practice. She found herself forgetting things, especially losing short term memory. She suspected that something was wrong and went to the doctor. After many tests, the diagnosis was Alzheimer's. Diana did not want to tell her husband, Jack McGowin because she thought her husband, Jack, would be worried about money since she made more money than he did.

Never Forget 1991

Mr. Mermelstein (Leonard Nimoy) and Mrs. Mermelstein (Blythe Danner) a true-life California couple, thrown into the spotlight of judicial history in the 1980s. He is a Hungarian-born Jew, sole-survivor of his family's extermination at Auschwitz, and she is a Southern Baptist from Tennessee. Their four children are good kids, typical Americans, with just enough orneriness to irritate each other, but enough love and class to pull together when it counts. When challenged by a hate group to prove that Jews were actually gassed at Auschwitz, Mel Mermelstein rises to the occasion with the support of his wife and children, in spite of the dangers to himself, his business, and his family. William John Cox (Dabney Coleman) provides legal help (pro bono) as a lawyer, originally a Roman Catholic from Texas.

Forget About Nick 2017

A German woman in New York is busy redesigning her life from model to designer, but is forced to live with her husband’s ex-wife when he disappears.

Forget Me Not 2018

Set in the 1970's, the film centers on two little girls, who struggle with their mother's bipolar disease that constantly disrupts their lives and burdens them to grow up early.

Forget Not 2014

Forget Not documents The Chariot's farewell tour with interviews by the band on their experience as an influential Hardcore band from 2003 to 2013. Long Live.

Don't Forget the Driver 2019

Coach driver and single dad Peter Green leads a life of ordinary routine until the discovery of a dead body on the docile Bognor shoreline and an unsettling meeting with a new arrival in town throws his life into chaos.

Forgive or Forget

Forgive or Forget is an American talk show aired in national syndication premiering for summer trial run on June 8, 1998, before being picked up for a full season, which began on September 7, 1998. The original host of the show was Mother Love, but in January 2000, she was replaced by former Head of the Class co-star Robin Givens for the remainder of the second season. The show presented an invited guest talking about a milestone event from the guest's past in which the guest had wronged, or had been wronged by, a friend or loved one; the guest was on the show to find out if the other person was present and ready to make amends. Forgive or Forget was produced and distributed by 20th Television.

Forget The Rules

Forget the Rules is an Australian short form episodic comedy drama cited by many as the first scripted drama in the world to simultaneously broadcast over broadband, mobile phones and TV. It is a good example of the push model of Crossmedia. It was noted as one of the more successful models of an often failed interactive format that included audience input into the script and submitting visual elements as part of a tight weekly production cycle. It was conceived and piloted in Australia during 2004. In Canada, Season 1 has been broadcast on Movieola.

Don't Forget To Write!

Don’t Forget to Write! is a British television sitcom, broadcast by the BBC from 1977 to 1979. The central character is George Maple (George Cole) who was formerly a successful playwright, but is now procrastinating, lacking self-confidence and suffering from writer's block. He is seen at home with his supportive wife Mabel (Gwen Watford), son Wilfred (Ron Emslie) and daughter Kate (Claire Walker). They are frequently visited by neighbour Tom Lawrence (Francis Matthews) who is a confident, suave and successful playwright and cleaner Mrs Field (Daphne Heard).

Don't Forget the Lyrics!

Don't Forget the Lyrics! is a game show that originally aired on Fox from July 11, 2007 to June 19, 2009, hosted by Wayne Brady and produced by RDF USA, part of RDF Media. The launch of this show prompted NBC to move up the launch of their similar game show The Singing Bee. The show's contestants compete to win $1,000,000 by correctly recalling song lyrics from a variety of genres. After a year off the air, on January 25, 2010, 20th Television announced the debut of a new syndicated version with Sugar Ray lead singer Mark McGrath as host in September 2010. Taping of the show's third overall season, and first as a syndicated show, began on June 15, 2010. The show premiered in daytime syndication and in primetime on VH1 on Monday, September 20, 2010. It premiered in primetime on MyNetworkTV on October 5, 2010. On March 24, 2011, the show was canceled along with Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? due to low ratings.

Don't Forget Your Toothbrush 1994

Don't Forget Your Toothbrush is a light entertainment show originally broadcast on Saturday nights in the United Kingdom in 1994, and has also been adapted in several other countries including Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the United States, the Netherlands and Portugal. The format was distributed internationally by DRG.

Forget Me Not Farm

Forget Me Not Farm is a BBC children's television programme which ran on BBC Two's children's BBC time slot in the United Kingdom during the 1990s.

Forget Me Not

Teenage Xue Ming was forced to marry the man who raped her. Years after abandoning her young sons to find a better life, can she escape the guilt?

Don't Forget Me 2018

Nao Kitazawa’s life is good. She is busy working as a doctor at a women’s clinic, and will be getting married in a month to Yuichi Ihara, an older doctor who fits her ideal characteristics of a perfect marriage partner. However, on the day of her move to her new home, she meets Shinji Mamiya, a part-time mover, and is instantly love-struck. After Nao’s aggressive approach, Shinji soon starts to feel the same way. When Nao’s mother, Kaoru, finds out about their mutual feelings, she instantly disapproves saying that their background and level of education are just too different. Just around this time, Nao starts to show signs of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease…

Forget Me Not 2014

A love story between a young man and a young woman during college. "Forget me not" is the flower of love and promise.

A Meal Makes Her Forget 2018

Sachiko Sasaki (Mitsuki Takahata) works as a literary magazine editor. She is well respected by her colleagues due to her perfectionist ways. On Sachiko Sasaki's wedding day, her boyfriend Shungo disappears. Sachiko Sasaki is dumbfounded by her boyfriend's disappearance. The next day, Sachiko Sasaki goes to work, but she can't stop thinking about Shungo. She realizes she is more traumatized than she thought. Sachiko Sasaki decides to go to a restaurant. When her meal comes out, Sachiko Sasaki forgets all about Shungo. Her experience makes her become a connoisseur of gourmet meals. (Source: AsianWiki)

Loving, Never Forgetting 2014

She first met him when the blooming lotus flower was falling, only to have to part ways. Years later, when they reunited, Li Zhong Mou had all but forgotten of Wu Tong's existence, leaving her forlorn, except the only thing he wants now from her is the guardianship to their son. 7 years long years together, can they fix their broken relationship?

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